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Who we are


We are a company that provides gold and diamond investors the facility to:

a) All investors have access to the precious metals market
b) Invest with confidence and quality assurance;
c) Invest with LBMA certification - London Bullion Market and GIA - Gemological Institute of America;
d) Ensure and guarantee storage in a location of your choice.

• Our goal is to guide institutional and individual investors to benefit from the physical property of precious metals as an investment solution.
• To offer our customers, competitive prices of purchase and storage, with a high level of security and transparency.
• The know-how and professionalism of the employees of GoldPlus Investments assures the secrecy, confidentiality, ethics and legal compliance of the entire process.



a. Minimum investment amount = 50 000 USD; 
b. Possibility of dividing your investment into multiples of 5 oz (ounces); 
c. Purchase process according to international daily quotations.


a. All products are certified by competent international entities; 
b. Selection of the investment according to the Client's interest;
c. Transport service and insurance for the place chosen by the client.

Investment, Trust, certainty of business

Areas of Practice

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Guaranteed investment
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    Gold Lingots

    • Gold ingots of GoldPlus Investments come from the largest and most sophisticated refineries in the world. 
    • Our partners are certified by the LBMA - London Bullion Market.

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    Golden coins

    • There are thousands of different gold coins with legal tender all over the world. 
    • The currencies are valued on the basis of exclusivity, but mainly of the weight with reference to the gold price published by the LBMA - London Bullion Market.

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    • Our partners are certified GIA - Gemological Institute of America Inc. 


Investment Insurance

Gold has surpassed bonds and stocks since 2003 (index = 100)
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